Rainbow Spring Bracelet

rainbow spring bracelet

I was having fun with beads tonight. I haven’t beaded very much as of late, and I just wanted to play with color, shape, and textures. Of course, since it is me, it is bright and colorful and rainbow-like. I couldn’t resist!

It was super easy to make. Just 3 easy steps…

1. Pick out your beads in various large and small sizes. My beads I’ve gathered over the years are arranged in individual baggies in hues of reds, greens, blues, etc. It helps me easily find the coloration I am looking for rather than having to dig through several mini bags of beads.

2. Take a coiled spring wire bracelet and curl the end with pliers. Bead your wire in desired colors, graduating the colors as you go. I clustered a lot of the big beads together and the small beads together. I wanted it to be more random, funky, and fun.

3. Bead spring coil until you reach the end, then curl the end to finish. Wear and rock it out!

It’s fun photographing it, cause it is so colorful. Here’s some more images…

I think it’s a fun and easy bracelet for summer. I’m all about the easy 1 hour project!

artsy spring bracelet

wearing bracelet

spring bracelet 2

And while I’m on the “rainbow” topic, if you haven’t seen this, you must watch. It will make you laugh.

Until next time Swellions!



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