Rich and Famous and Not So Famous

Me and the Hamburglar

This weekend I met a celebrity. Yes, I really did. A famed figure since childhood. The Hamburglar. Robble Robble. This was one of the not so glamorous moments for the Hamburglar as it was a 105 degrees out and I can only imagine what it was actually like to be in that costume. I kinda felt bad for him, until I was reminded of the fact that he liked to steal burgers and I don’t want him to steal mine in the near future!

This got me to thinking…hmm, there have been a few other celebrities that I’ve met that would be fun to show you…and I might add some of these are celebrity impersonators, some are not. I just thought it would be fun to show both.

finger lickin' good
Here I am with a Colonel Sanders look-a-like in downtown Louisville. He actually charges for pictures so we had to pay him a buck.

four score...
I swear, I don’t wear this shirt all the time! Anyway, here I am in Nashville with Honest Abe. I remember yelling, “Hey Abe, can I take your picture?” I think it embarrassed my sister. Heehee.

Last year I met a TV icon…Candace Cameron. I was so nervous having to ask for a pic, but I totally idolized her as DJ Tanner on Full House. How could I not?

This past year at CHA, I got to meet Candy Spelling. She made sure I covered up my name tag with her book.

While there I also met famed crafter Carol Duvall. I grew up watching her on the Home show!

And the always fabulous Brini Maxwell.

me and the weinermobile
The Weinermobile made a stop in Lexington a couple of summers go. It doesn’t get more celebrity than this! I was in dog heaven!

I guess I’ve met some other famous people, but eh, I don’t get all built up into a tizzy over it. They’re people too! I get more excited over the kitschy character ones like the Hamburglar anyway. Heehee.

Hope you have a great Monday!

Until next time Swellions!


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