This looks really good – The Social Network

A new movie is on its way to theatres in the next few months (actually, October 1st, my b-day) and it is all about the start of Facebook! I find social media, the way it has changed our lives and impacted our society to be quite fascinating. This looks like a dark take on how Facebook was started, but it will bring a lot of insight into the story and impact it has in our lives.

The opening sequence of this trailer is pretty fascinating. Breaking down all the requests/likes/comments we make and taking a closer look. It’s funny how the trailer makes it so much more haunting than we ever think about (it prob. helps that the music that narrates it is the Radiohead song “Creep”). The poster also is really cool and in the vain of the Facebook platform. I dig.


After I watched it I had to Wikipedia it to read more about Mark Zuckerburg.

And the most shocking thing about this trailer? The little brother of the cute little Pepsi girl would turn out to have a bigger career than her? I guess this is the way things work.

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