5 Freaky Friday Finds

Every Friday until Halloween on Fridays, I’ll be sharing you 5 Freaky Friday Finds that I love and think you will to! These range from things you can buy to inspiration that might get the ideas flowing (or the blood curdling). Anyway, I hope you have fun with me while I share these fabulous Halloween features!


Spooky Vintage Typewriter from Poetic Home.


Lisa Marie’s amazing lined stripe dress via Chud.com. This is what a sexy Halloween costume SHOULD look like!


This is a Halloween craft I want to make! Right up my alley with the stripes and vintage-look! (Via the Allsorts blog)


This cool skull made from pots, pans and other kitchen stuff (via Modern Living).

Screen shot 2010-08-15 at 6.53.05 PM

Great vintage-inspired Halloween tshirts from SpookShows.com.

I’ll be back in another week with 5 more Freaky Friday Finds!


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