Confessions of a Very Messy Crafter

one very messy crafter

I’m a mess in a variety of ways. My house is always a mess, my desk at work is messy, sometimes my appearance is a bit messy too. So, it makes absolute sense that I would also be a very messy crafter.

I attempted a project tonight with paint. I have worked for two craft paint companies but I have yet figured out how to correctly paint. Well, I guess I did take some ceramic painting courses and when I concentrate I can paint ok, but most days, I’m just a sloppy mess.

Case in point, tonight I was going to do a painted project for my post. I don’t plan ahead and obviously it is showing BIG TIME. Anyway, I ended up errantly cutting a piece of magazine, pasting it on with paint, then having to remove it cause of air bubbles, then slathering a layer of Collage Pauge over top with my hands. They were covered in paint and decopauge medium and I even got some on my shirt. I have such a hard time touching things before they’re dry! I guess you can also see I got it all over the brush handle too…a sin to most painters. What a mess.

I am going to clean this up tonight, but there have been some nights where I haven’t and my brushes have ruined or I’ve had a bigger mess to clean up the next day. I guess that is just pure laziness.

Maybe based on this, you can see why I’m more into clicking a mouse to design or make a change. I like that I can make something look nice on screen, print it out and it is a masterpiece. It’s nice that I can reign in my creativity in some way!

When I have to be, I don’t have to be as messy (I can actually be patient enough not to touch before it’s dry), but when it’s just me and the supplies and no expectations, I just let loose. Either I create one big mess or a stroke of genius. It’s just the way I roll.

Until next time Swellions!



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