Fresno PecheKucha Volume 8

Last night, I attended and presented at PechaKucha Night Fresno. I know it’s a weird name, but it’s a really cool visual and informative event. I could explain it to you in detail, but this overview page on the PecheKucha main site really sums it up best. It’s an event that is happening all over the world and it’s a really cool concept. You should totally read up on it and participate in your neck of the woods!

The theme for last night was the date…8,9,10. I incorporated mine graphically throughout my presentation with the numbers, some people totally didn’t even bring up the theme, and then others found other cool ways to incorporate it. It wasn’t required that you follow it.

Here’s a few scenes from the night that I took. I kept getting up from my seat and I know people were like, “What’s that crazy girl doing?”, but hey, then again, it’s a bunch of creatives, so they probably understand!

Teehee HeeheeHee
Josh Teehee is a really animated and fun guy. He talked about an event he’s working on called FuseFest.

It ain't easy being green
I’m a total stalker, I know, but the lighting on this girl was so pretty. I think it turned out nicely.

The Lineup
The brick wall is lighted up with all kinds of fun colors. Makes for nice photos and a nice mood.

Presenting at the Starline
Shannon Hunter presented on her Front Porch photography project.

Nick Gundry
Nick Gundry is a funny guy with a very cool British accent. He talked about 8,9,10, in how it related to his childhood and a cool new social media project he is partnering up on.

recreational beverage
Drinks were enjoyed by all.

Travis does his thang
Travis Sheridan is a great guy and such a funny MC. He’s one of the coordinators of the event.

PecheKucha crowd
Here’s a look at the crowd. I think over 170 people were there.

me presenting
And here I am presenting. Below is the first slide in my presentation. If you click on this link, you can see my full PecheKucha presentation. I did it on my photography, crafty interests, and my love for portrait taking and capturing people. I also talked about how I heart taking Fresno photos, making buttons, and a little about Kentucky (and the misconceptions).


Well, gotta jolt! Since when have I used that word ever???

Until next time Swellions!



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