Blackbird Swirl Pumpkin

Blackbird & Swirl

My boyfriend grew this white pumpkin for me and I wanted to do something simple and pretty. I decided to incorporate this $1 blackbird/raven that I bought at the Dollar Tree into the mix. Pixie (my black cat) won’t be happy about this…she’s taken a liking to this birdie and I’ve seen it dragged all over my floor into the other room. So if it’s feathers look a bit ruffled, it’s because they are. Cat saliva has a way of doing that. Haha.

Blackbird & Swirl Detail

Step by step 1

– White Pumpkin
Tulip 3D Fashion Paint in Black Slick
– Blackbird/Crow from Dollar Tree (only $1!!!)
Liquid Fusion® Clear Urethane Glue

1. Wipe off pumpkin to remove and dirt/debris.
Photo by TiltShift Generator
2. Squeeze paint out into random swirls all around pumpkin. Keep tip clean to prevent air bubbles. I had to paint sections (3 in all) at a time and let dry.

Blackbird & Swirl 2
3. Glue the bottom of the blackbird’s feet to the pumpkin using the Liquid Fusion Glue. Let dry and display proudly!

I’m all about a great Halloween pumpkin you can make for under $5 bucks, aren’t you?

Until next time Swellions!



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