Let’s hear it for lasagna and weekends!

You’ll get the title if you read on. In the meantime, check out the cute decorations I scored for 10¢ each this past weekend at an estate sale!

On another Halloween note, check out the pumpkins grew for me. I picked out the seeds several months back. Yeah, he has a green thumb!

I made new Fresno buttons. I guess they don’t make sense to people who live here, but locals appreciate them. The Bubba, Oz, and Zara ones are local celebrity buttons and the Madera one is for Fresno’s nearby city/subarb.

I enjoyed polishing my nails and sitting by the koi pond at William’s house.

Back to the estate sale. The lady was super crafty and had tons of needlepoint supplies, ribbon,books, and patterns. I also found her paint stash. Inside was wom vintage Tulip® packaging from my work (iLoveToCreate). Love the kitsch of old packaging!

Here’s a tray I bought too!

Here’s something I didn’t buy but rings oh so true to me! I figured it would just add to the clutter of my desk!

Here’s a pennant I bought for my friend Silvia. I hope she likes it! I think she will 🙂

I also spent time with my little poodle friend, Frankie. Here’s a video of him, just to show you what a beast he truly is!
If you can’t see it, try viewing it here.

Until next time Swellions!



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    We had that same funky yellow tray! It came from the cheese and sausage company that also has the petit fours — do you know the catelogue? We used to drool over it, Thanksgiving to Christmas. I think the Grandparents sent us the tray with the cheese spread in tubes, dry crackers and salami. There may have been fights over the strawberry wrapped hard candies. With 4 to 8 children, anything’s possible! Good times! Good memories!

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    I LOVE MY PENNANT!!!!! Woo hoo! It’s perfect. Also, I like to think that you designed the Made in Madera pin just for me. 😉 I sure love you my buddy.

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