Read ‘Em & Reap: BH&G Halloween Trick or Treats 2001


Halloween Tricks and Treats BH&G 2001

As you saw by my post yesterday, I love a good Halloween mag. I bought yet another one, Country Living, at the grocery store. I have amassed quite a collection and I wanted to open up a few of them for you and share the projects I love inside!

The magazine I’m spotlighting today is Better Homes & Garden’s 2001 edition of Halloween Tricks and Treats.

While Halloween crafts have gotten more sophisticated even since 2001, I’ve noticed there are a lot of ideas in these older mags that are really timeless. I think that Halloween, in general, is a timeless holiday and that the décor is more timeless than a lot of others. Yeah, maybe things are a bit more flashy/foggy with the help of technology and a plug in these days, but Halloween crafts, esp. cute and creepy ones, never go out of style!

Cute Halloween lollipops!

For example, these little character lollipops are soooo cute! They have so much personality! Could easily be achieved with some fun foam and Tulip® Dimensional Fabric Paint and/or a permanent marker!

Zombie Tumblers

These zombie tumblers are super fun too! I love how they take that drink to the next level (esp. the one with the cherry 🙂


These bone candleholders are bad to the bone. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Spooky table setting

I love the playfulness of stuffing your napkins inside and positioning this glove into the tablesetting. The little warts and painted red fingernails make for a nice touch too!


With my affinity for googly eyes, how could I not resist this simple costume. I have to show it to my friend Tacky Glue. He’d so be all over this!

Mummy gift bag

And this gift bag would be a perfect 5 minute/gotta grab a gift/rushing out the door way to jazz up a Halloween gift or party prize!

Until next time Swellions!


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