Wednesday is Lensday: A study in ORANGE

Orange Study

It’s always fun to do little photographic experiments. Tonight I gathered all things orange and put them on a big orange poster I had. When you look at it, you just see a bunch of similar color items that visually looks nice together, but when you look a bit deeper, you see so much more. It’s a little study into texture, light, form, and abstraction.

Below are a few photos without comment. It was just a little fun photographic investigation to get my Halloween mojo on!

Orange Study 1

Orange Study 3

Orange Study 4

Orange Study 5

Orange Study 7

Orange Study 6

Orange Sparkle

Orange Sparkle Bokeh

The last two photos were of the glitter ball in focus vs. out of focus. I like how both turned out!

What if we looked at everyday objects in this same way instead of glancing over them? I think we would find a lot to discover about our world!

Until next time Swellions!



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