And now for your Halloween viewing enjoyment…

These animated things crack me up in stores. They would be soooooo annoying if you took them home or gave them to a kid, but listening to them once or twice is pretty darn enjoyable.

I’m bummed I didn’t turn him to fit the screen. He was soooo silly.

Courtesy of CVS’s Halloween aisle.

This animated witch I found at Target.

Until next time Swellions!



  1. says

    LOL! Those are cool- in someone else’s house.

    Years ago, starting the day after Thanksgiving, the local hardware store had an animated singing Christmas tree that was motion sensitive. It was right by the checkout stand. You can pretty much figure that it went off constantly.

    Near Christmas, I asked the checker if she’d like to smack the thing. She replied “With a 2×4, repeatedly!”

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