Fun (and Frightening) Photo Discovery!

I'm one Swell Zombie!

I found the coolest Halloween photo filter tonight via Google Picnik and let me just say, it scared me silly! I am always a bit disillusioned by bad Photoshopping over top of photos, but I totally approve of doing it for Halloween, esp. when it means you can turn yourself into a zombie or a vampire. That’s me above Zombiefied out above!

Vampiress Maya

And this is my friend Maya as the Vampire Princess that she is! You can create a lot of these effects without registering or paying to upgrade, but some of the cool stuff like scars, blood effects, etc. mean you have to purchase an account. It’s not that expensive, and admittedly, I was kinda tempted.

Anyway, go over there and play with your photos. You’ll have a howling good time!

Until next time Swellions!



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