The Swell Sprinkles Cupcake Factory


Tonight I made cupcakes, some were Pillsbury, but others were very special cupcakes…Sprinkles Cupcakes! I purchased the mix at William’s Sonoma. I’ve heard people talk about Sprinkles like it was the second coming and apparently it is based on the price ($14 for 12 cupcakes), but I was determined to try them!

Isn’t the can super cute?

Sprinkles Cupcake Can
What is that phrase…the details make the man? Well, in this case, the details make the can!

Pisslbury vs. Sprinkles
After I made them, this is the difference when baked between the Pillsbury (on left). The Sprinkles cupcakes level out. I’m assuming it’s because there isn’t as much air in the batter.

Baking Cups
I struggled tonight with choosing the right cupcake liner for my Sprinkles version. It would take me years to get through all these!

Halloween cupcakes
In the end, I didn’t decorate them like the tradional Sprinkles cupcake you saw in the first picture, I decorated them with just a simple coat of sugar and a orange dot on top! The candy corn ones were the Pillsbury-frosted version. I think people may be a little deceived at our work potluck tomorrow, thinking they are getting the better cupcake by choosing the candy corn decorated one. Then again, most all cupcakes turn out being good cupcakes, no matter if they are homemade or a mix!

All this baking exhausts me. Ha! Just thinking of baking and exhaustion reminds me of this old Rice Krispies commercial! OK, I’m just getting random and delirious now!

Until next time Swellions!



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    They’re all so pretty! Did you end up liking the Sprinkles ones? I haven’t mustered up the desire to buy and bake the canned once since the ones from the bakery aren’t all that in my opinion.

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