Every refrigerator tells a story

The Fridge

I think the stuff on a refrigerator tells an interesting story…

Let me explain mine…

Yes, I like Elvis

I do like Elvis, but not as much as the fridge lets on. I got a couple of the magnets when I went to Graceland and then people tend to buy me “retro” magnets with Elvis. People usually associate me with retro, so when they get me gifts it is in the Anne Taintor/Elvis style. I don’t mind. After all, I did cry when I stood at his tomb at Graceland. And I do love me some “In the Ghetto”.

Joshua's painting and a owl

I have 3 owl magnets on my fridge. These belonged to my grandmother and I got them when she passed away. They were always something I loved and remembered from her refrigerator. She collected owls (had like 100 in her home) so I always associate owls with her. They make me smile.

I also love kid drawings and art. My friend Silvia’s son Joshua made this one. He is a super creative kid and I loved his blocks of color and watercolor style.

Photos & Postcards & Magnets Oh My!

I like putting colorful photos and postcards on there. I’ve had this photo of my friend Steven on my fridge for like 12 years. He was snuggled up in my New Kids sleeping bag at a yearbook retreat. I always thought it was funny and it has been on every fridge since then. I don’t really want to take it down.

As for the Japanese girl, I just like postcards. I find that I always buy them and they sit in a box. My refrigerator is the only place that I really have a chance to show them off. I bought this one several years back at Third Street Stuff in Lexington. I liked how jumbo and oversized it was.

Other things to note:
– I have an Andy Warhol influence in my kitchen, so the magnets kinda match my bowls , glasses, plates, and mugs.
– I need to desperately update my niece and nephew pics. But they are all representin’!
– Any chance I can find a way to add some silly kitsch, I’m all about it.
– Magnets are the best marketing tools out there! I have some more on the side of my fridge that I got at a Craft Sale. One’s for scarves. Now if I was wanting to look up a scarf maker, I would remember her and maybe give her a call. So I think they are great way to promote yourself.

And, I cleaned out my fridge tonight in preparation for some good food to go in there. I was listening to a NPR bit that said if you want to eat healthier, you need to have a cleaner home (it’s keeps you from distractions) and fridge (it encourages good eating habits). So, I guess I gotta start somewhere!

Until next time Swellions!




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