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Solitude is Beautiful

Tonight I was perusing a really cool Flickr group called Experimental Typography on Flickr and I am absolutely blown away by the creativity that some people have. I thought I’d share a few of the pics/projects that really appealed to me for their innovation and pure artulness and craftiness!

Katie Daisy’s work is beyond beautiful. The art of hand-lettering is something I wish I had a grasp on. I love this watercolor approach so much. So fluid! That’s her work above too! I’m in love with her web site too!

10.27.10 - Day 300!
I love when people use common objects to spell out their fonts. This cupcake sprinkle 300 by Janet Guertin knocked my socks off. Love the vibrant color and the detail in the ribbon.

Have you heard of the six word story meme that people have been doing? Well, this is a visual interpretation from Six Word Story Every Day on Flickr. They tell a story everyday visually on Flickr. Such a cool concept! Anyway, I love the coloring of this one and just the thought of them sitting there playing with the letters to make the shapes.

Fluoro Type
This Typograffy set by Graffink appeals to all my senses! Love their photography mixed with the typography. Wow, that’s a lot of ography!

Pop-Up Shop
This work by Will Miller is so cool. I would never be able to do something so technical, so I admire his skill. Love the yellow and red together. So bold!

Hope you have enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed finding them!

Until next time Swellions!



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    I agree! I’ve been setting aside an hour every day just to drool over some of the amazing typography art out there. Loved this post! (Saw your link on Technorati–congrats on being listed so high in the Arts section.)

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    Miss Mac. I know, I don’t know that I’d ever be that patient!

    Seedplanter. I love type, mainly cause I’m a graphic designer, but I just love how expressive it is. Thanks on the Technorati heads up. I can’t believe I’m that high on there!

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