I Got Fashionably Bombed!


Tonight I met up with two new Fresno bloggy friends…the gals of Fashionably Bombed, Flannery & Katherine. We had a great time catching dinner at the Iron Bird Cafe, talking all things bloggy, Blogher, cocktails, Tacky Glue, and creativity!

Come on, how can I not like them…just look at the photo! Kinda makes me jealous that I wasn’t at the Fresno Fair jumping with them!

Their blog is really fun! I love the colorful logo, it’s right up my alley (on a side note we saw the designer at Iron Bird while we were there…the creatives in this town are a tight group). The F-Bomb gals…yes, this is what they call themselves and it’s their Twitter handle blog and vlog all things related to fashion and fun drinks. Some of their fun cocktails include the Cotton Candy-tini, the Vampiro Cocktail, and the Mint Melon Medley Margarita. These girls love cocktails as much as I love crafts!! I love their clever titles and funny videos. They have a lot of personality and I admire how they mix in their personal style.

So we may be teaming up in the future for a little craft and a cocktail feature. I’ll keep you posted! Hanging out with these chicks made me think it might be fun to start a Fresno Women blogger group (kinda like a book club). Hmm…maybe I will have to add that to the idea pile. I have way to many!

Check out and friend the Fashionally Bombed Girls on their blog, Facebook, and Twitter!
Until next time Swellions!



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