Make a Distressed Fall Leaf Plaque

Fall plaque

I wanted to do a fun decopauge project on a dime to celebrate the Thanksgiving season! Too many times, I think Thanksgiving gets lost in the shuffle for a lot of people after Halloween is over. I guess it’s the commercialism of Christmas coming on strong. I personally like to celebrate fall in November and everything it has to offer…fallen leaves, warm hues, and pumpkin spice! This project was fun and easy to do and can be completed in an evening. It would make a pretty fall buffet table accent or alternative to a fall wreath.

Distressed Fall Leaf Plaque

– magazine cutouts in fall hues and black and white copy
Collage Pauge® Instant Decopauge
Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint in Copper Pearl
– Gold and white acrylic paint
– paper towel
– paintbrush
– wooden plaque
– foam brush (optional)
– scissors


magazine clippings
1. Rip out magazine pages in fall hues. Also rip out the pages with the articles (this will be for your decopauged background).

light basecoat
2. Give your plaque a light basecoat using white paint. Wipe back with a paper tower for white-washed look.

decopauge ripped magazines using Collage Pauge
3. Decopauge using Collage Pauge® over top of this by ripping up your articles and scattering them all over the front of your plaque. Decopauge to the edge and fold the paper around the edges. Let dry.

rub metallic paint over and around edges
4. Now take the metallic copper and gold paints and rub around the edge and around the paper. I rubbed the colors more intense around the edges and sparingly in the middle. I realize I have big air bubbles in this photo, but after it dried I pressed them down and it made for even a more distressed look.

leaf cutout
5. Cut out a leaf printed from the internet or hand-drawn. Line up in areas on your magazine clippings that might be interesting sections to collage.

decopauge leaf
6. Cut and collage the sections to fit using the paper leaf as a guide. I used three different images ripped up to make my leaf. Let dry.

cut out around leaf
7. Cut around/tidy up the leaf image to make your completed collaged leaf.

decopauge leaf onto plaque
8. Decopauge your leaf onto the plaque. I had actually slightly tipped the leaf using the metallic paint before I adhered it to the canvas. Yes, I use my fingers to decopauge. I’m a messy crafter.

Use  Tulip 3D Fashion Paint to accent and write Fall
9. Freehand the word fall and go around the edge of your canvas and any other areas you want to accent with the 3D Fashion Paint.

Here’s a couple pretty details of the finished product!

fall detail

leaf detail

Until next time Swellions!


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