To tell you the truth…


1. I always feel a little out of sorts after Halloween and October. I really feel like October is my month and when it is gone, I always feel sad. I feel like the crafts I do in October trump all other times of the year and I don’t feel as inspired as when I do in October. I feel like I need to work on this.

2. I would like to open up my blog to Guest Bloggers, but I feel kinda picky about the content. I want to make sure that if I do have a guest blogger that they complement my style and interests. I think that’s only normal that I want that. I’m totally new to the guest blog posting and have done it only a time or two on other blogs, I just want to make sure it’s the right fit for my blog, ya know?

3. After those little rants, I seriously need some help. What would you like to see? Please leave your vote in the top right hand corner and if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below. I want to hear what you like and find inspiring or would like to see more of. Any posts you liked in particular? Anyway, give me your thoughts. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you have to say!

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    I feel the exact same way about October. I can’t tell you how many Halloween craft projects I bookmarked over the month that I was all fired up to try in October. I know I’ll still get around to some of them but there’s always a sense of deflation after October and Halloween have come and gone.

    I voted for more tutorials but I’d also be really happy with cool finds or anything else you decide to post. I like your sense of humor and your sense of style so anything you like is probably something I’d like too.

    I’ve always wondered how the guest blogger selection process works, I guess because what I’m into is sometimes strange and different than most other bloggers out there. As long as you’re not in a rush I’m sure you can take the time to find and vet the right guests to match what you’ve got going on.

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