Wednesday is Lensday: Snapshots from my Week

Here’s a few quick Hipstamatic iPhoneography photos from my week. Man, I love that app! The button photo above was taken at craft night at my friend Patty’s house. I couldn’t resist!

I’m so emo.

A look into my shower. I swear it isn’t as dirty as the photo makes it look!

Christmas balls reflection while at Sephora in JCPenney.

My bedroom window. I don’t ever really open the shade. Everyone could see in from the courtyard!

At home
Someone around Fresno does all these great painted windows. I think they freehand it. I think it’s a special talent.

My pretty friend @pattiewack
My beautiful friend Pattie a.k.a. Pattiewack.

Iron Bird lights
Lanterns at the Iron Bird Cafe.

And I can’t leave out Pixie!

Until next time Swellions!



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    tmobile just rang me today offering me an iphone, and after seeing your photos im pretty tempted. my current mobile’s camera is almost a parody of a camera, and those pics look so very cool! but you’ve got a good eye for a good pic anyway. thanks for posting them, made me smile!

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