Santa was good to me…

Santa was good to me

Wanted to share with you one of the many wonderful presents I got while I was in KY. My family (my sisters and I) each draw names each year and this was my gift! You may remember a month or so back when I wished upon a star for this on my blog. I was tickled to get it in person!

And here’s a couple more of my wonderful gifts…

Monkey slippers
Monkey Slippers from William’s sister!

Got crafts? Gingerbread man
And a Got Crafts? Gingerbread Man from my niece and nephew!

Purse by my mom
And a purse made by my mom (it’s not really that yellow, just the processing my iphone program does)

YAY! I also got a lot of other great things including…
– A panini press
A metal letter punch number and letter set for jewelry
A cool blogging book (lots of inspiring post ideas)
– A new wallet
– Gift cards
– A Mickey Mouse sleepshirt from my bro
– Smell good stuff
– And other cute little things!

Still waiting on William’s big gifts. I have a couple more yet to open from him. He did get me some pink Sony headphones to watch TV while we were on the plane!

What did you get for Christmas?

Until next time Swellions!



  1. says

    You racked up!

    We won’t be celebrating Christmas with my family until mid-January so I’m still on the edge of my seat waiting to see what Santa brought me. 🙂

    On our trip to Kansas for Christmas to see the Mister’s family, we got airplane tickets for our gifts because fares are so crazy high!

    Happy New Year, hon! Keep your arms out of things!

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