How I spent my New Years

The Boys Play Chess

Well, I brought New Years into fashion with William and a few great friends! We went out to eat to Cheesecake Factory with Silvia and Garrett and Joshua and then went over to their house afterward. Both William and I really enjoy hanging out with this super cool family! Silvia and Garrett are so laid back, funny, and insightful and little Joshua is a real chip off the old block. He can make you laugh without even trying.

Found Magazine #1

Silvia and I perused through some books. I love just taking it easy and keeping it low key! The boys played chess. Later we played Pictionary (I hadn’t played it in years) and counted down the New Year with Carson Daly.

He will, he will Shock you!

And for weirdness sake, I brought over the creepy Dracula guy…I called him Baby New Year. It’s so ugly it’s cute. Everytime I look at this thing, it makes me laugh.

And I took pics of Joshua’s cars. I need to get back into my photography. I haven’t really taken photos in over a month!

Vroom Vroom

And finally a pretty picture of Silvia…

Silvia Thinks

What did you do for New Years?

Until next time Swellions!



  1. says

    My son and I spent the earlier part of the evening at an annual family/friend party, but hub stayed home because he was ill. Our teenaged daughter was at an overnight lock-in with her youth group at church. Son and I left the party at 10 and headed home to ring in the new year with sick dad. He played with legos while hub and I channel-surfed.

    Happy New Year!

  2. says

    I organized drawers and closets and cleaned out the fridge. Sounds sad but I love doing stuff like that!

    Sounds like your new year was lots of fun. Sometimes, just hanging with the people that you love is the perfect thing and way better than a night on the town.

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