Let’s get this straight…


1. I have bangs for the first time in like 10 years. Crizazy!
2. My hair is only straight once or twice a year. Thank you Bobby at Regis at Fashion Faire Mall in Fresno for styling it this way tonight.
3. I never can pick out a look in those hairstyling books they give you at the Salon. They are all so way over the top and they hardly ever show curly hair like mine. I’d really like if they had a book for realistic hairstyles.
4. I do have a straightening iron. It’s not the greatest, but straightening irons are a wondrous invention. Where was it throughout my teen years when I actually attempted to blow dry it straight? This never worked for me. Did it work for you?
5. I’m really enjoying typing this out as a list. It’s easier for me to write this way.
6. I rarely have a stylish hairdo. I’m always a bit envious of girls that do, then I realize I am lazy.
7. I stay up too late (It’s almost one now) and wake up too late (um, 7:45) in order to achieve a hairstyle everyday to this effect. I’d have to wake up earlier. if you’re my co-worker, you are probably bulging your eyes out right about now.
8. I also got my eyebrows did as well as other lip/chin waxing. Again, I realize I’m lazy…shout out to Olena at JCPenney Salon in Fresno.
9. I’m going to CHA next week with my company, so I should look a lot spiffier with this new ‘do.
10. This hairstyle makes me wonder if I should straighten it more often.What do you like better? Curly or straight? Leave me a comment below 🙂 I’d like your feedback.

Until next time Swellions!


P.S. Does it make me look younger or older?


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    I have naturally curly hair as well…I have an ION straightener that cost me $120 and I hardly use it. I think I’ve used it about 5 or 6 times since I’ve bought it. I too am lazy about my hair….I like your bangs! I wish they had a book with naturally curly styles as well!

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    I have super straight hair, so I spent most of my life wishing I had long curly hair. 80s kid, anyone? So I love the curly look, plus who wants to spend (waste) 30 min a day straightening? But your fringe looks really cute, and I think it does make you look younger. I just had a fringe cut for the same reason!

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    You look great! As someone with naturally wavy hair I shouldn’t say this but I much prefer straight hair. Even if it’s sometimes a pain in the butt and time consuming to get it that way. Fortunately I don’t demand stick straight hair so with my short, layered cut I can get away with blow drying it for a few minutes in the morning to whip it into shape. That said, you look super cute with curly hair and it seems to fit your personality, so I guess everyone’s different.

    I’m also always jealous of girls with stylish hairdos but wouldn’t bother to put that sort of effort and money into it either. The only time I ever had one was when I paid an arm and a leg for a professional haircut from a real salon. It was a great experience but not something my bank account can allow all the time.

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    I adore it – very stylish, like a smookin hot pixie 😀

    Sometimes it seems we are never happy with ourselves are we? Growing up my mother HATED my straight hair (her’s is curly) and I endured endless sessions in the stylists chair receiving perm after perm… so now I don’t want to do much of anything with my hair…

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    I, too, am a curly hair gal and I must say that I feel like a different person when I straighten my hair. Sometimes people do not even recognize me right away. I love my curly hair, but sometimes it’s nice to straighten it and pretend to be someone else for a while!

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    I love it straight! I think curly suits your personality but straight fits you so well too! Blow drying my hair only makes it curlier and then I straighten it once it’s dry.

    Fun post!

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    I am quite opinionated about this. Curly hair is awesome and should be embraced. And while we curly girls may not have the latest in hairstyles we have a classic look and should enjoy it. After having said this I would kill for my friends hair who is of Chinese descent and has straight, black hair that always looks good. Also, you don’t seem lazy to me. You are just spending your time on photography and cool halloween crafts. That is time well spent too!

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    Thanks for all the sweet comments. Yeah, this will prob. not be something I do everyday, but it will be fun to be able to mix it up.

    I got tons of compliments today at work, so I guess it really makes a difference! People said I looked more sophisticated.

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