Letter Lighting: A fun font craft

letter lighting

Want a quick and easy way to make your space look super hip in only a couple hours? I wish I could tell you that this was hard, but it was sooooo easy. It just took the time to randomly stick vinyl letter type stickers in various sizes (I purchased mine at Michaels) to a plain white paper lantern. You could do this with really any kind of plain sticker. It would also be cool if you used all of the same color but then put in a sticker in another color (I’m thinking red) for an added pop of color.

I know you’ve seen me do this same sticker look on other projects, but since I have so many extra vinyl stickers, I decided to whip up another project! Besides, I never get tired of this graphic look! If it ain’t broke, why fix it?


another view

I’m submitting this project to the Iron Craft Weekly Craft Challenge. This week’s theme (and the first challenge ever) is Lighting the Winter Gloom.

Until next time Swellions!


P.S. I added this to the following linky party as well!


  1. says

    I like it. I think I’d only like to use the letters K U F and C.

    And I like the red.

    Where I can find vinyl letters? Guide me, guru. We don’t got no Michaels.

  2. says

    You could prob. even find vinyl stick on letters in the hardware section at your local department store. Like with the For Sale signage and house numbers 🙂

    As for the red, you would maybe have to paint a letter that color, but that should be simple enough.

  3. Anonymous says

    YAY!!!! a new reason to pull out my cricut….I have a friend that runs a grapics business and they give me lots of vinyl sheets and many colors. thanks for the great ideas.

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