Craft Supply Organization My Way

New orange bins

This weekend I spent a lot of time organizing my craft supplies. I have always struggled with organizing my things. It goes way back to childhood. I always had random odds and ends that I ended up stuffing under my bed or in a drawer. So, for me, really breaking down my stuff and creating a home for everything is honestly a challenge for me.

Before I had so many craft supplies and was in my first apartment, it was actually a whole lot easier for me to be organized, but as I’ve acquired more and more things, I’ve find that the tiny embellishments, bottles of paints, and scrapbook papers can easily get pretty overwhelming pretty fast.

I bought the orange bins a while back at IKEA and I’m making good use of them now 🙂 I’m excited that they all look the same. That’s the hard part of organizing craft supplies…finding a way to make them look good without being such an eyesore! Up until this point, I’ve always had random bins in different sizes and colors. I still have a lot of different plastic and wooden drawers/bins/organizers. I either have to find a way to disguise them or arrange them in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

organized bin

So here’s a few of my supplies. The organizer I got above is a clearance find I got at Target today! I had all my pens, markers, and pencils in a bin before and it was hard to see what I had, so I thought this organizer would be a nice way to see everything and choose from!


Here’s some of my cheapy brushes. Brushes are something I don’t really invest in cause I always inevitably leave them in water or get dried out paint on them. I know that’s bad, but atleast I’m truthful with myself.

talk to the hand

I love the “Talk to the hand” sticky pad!


A fun selection of my Tulip® Fabric Markers.

red man meets minnie

And here’s some of my pens, markers, and my vintage letter opener. Isn’t he cute?

What’s your organizing style like? Do you struggle organizing your craft supplies like I do?

Until next time Swellions!



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    I am just like you in terms of organizing, which is why I find this post so inspiring! Now that I’ve acquired more and more crafting supplies everything’s become so disorganized so I could use a system like your cute orange boxes. Now if only I had somewhere to put those darn boxes. Great job getting your stuff under control!

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    Organization……..yea right… craft shelves are a barely contained disaster. But….but i like seeing everything. If i had everything put away in drawers etc….. i wouldn’t know what i had. LOL! Thats my story and i’m sticking to it! I just love your blog girl. All the bright colors and fun ideas. Keep it coming! deb

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    hi there alexa,
    your blog is cool!..i love you twirling the glue..and i also am excited by the house is a crazy mess of supplies for crafts..and we have no clue how to get organized. i wrote you on etsy had contacted me a while back..and we are desperately in search of samoa is a part of a new collection and we understand that duncan is discontinuing it..any idea how to acquire some more?
    you can email me at

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    thanks for this great post! great to see everything getting it’s own space.

    i belong to this club, i too have struggled with finding a place for everything or how things should be grouped – but i finally broke through a barrier when i decided on large general bins labeled: glass, plastic, wood, metal, natural, etc. for the little odds and ends i collect. those were the items which were overwhelming me.

    then, of course, there are the paint, paper, canvas, brushes, fabric, yarn groups…

    here’s a video i took of my in-process organization.

    and, i’ve posted a give-a-way on my blog to celebrate having space to make something!!!

    good luck everyone!

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