I’m such a sucker for packaging

Influenced by packaging

So last night, I went to Target and was looking at buying some kitchen cleaning supplies. My kitchen was in serious need of some Spring cleaning! At first, I put the regular Clorox product in my cart, but then I stopped and eyeballed the J.R. Watkins line you see above. Well, I was going to get just the cleaner, but it just looked so pretty as a set. I couldn’t help myself.

Admittedly, I totally bought this for the packaging. There’s something about it that is just so classic and clean. I feel a bit fancier using these products as my household cleaners. I can just envision myself in a pristine white kitchen using these products and the sparkling countertops and dishes after using these products. The funny thing is, that in reality, there is always a dirty dish in the sink and cluttered countertops. A girl can dream right?

And that is exactly why I bought the Real Simple magazine too! I can aim for simplicity even though I’m not there. Maybe if I click my heels three times it may become a realty…haha, actually the only way it would become a reality is if I had a maid! Yeah, that’s going to happen!

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    I am sooooo a packaging wh*re that way too! My husband calls it the Skippy effect. Years ago when we were first married, we went to the grocery and I just had to buy a HUGE jar of Skippy pb because it came in a squirrel shaped jar. Now anytime I buy something because it is in a cool package, he mutters, “skippy.”

    tee-hee. I don’t care. It hasn’t stopped me all this time.

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    Now you’ve made me want to take a trip to Target. I have to say, the last time I splurged and bought some interesting cleansers instead of the usual boring Clorox and Fantastic I went on a cleaning spree because it was almost fun to use my new goodies. Almost.

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