Sleeveface Fun at the Goodwill

Photo by TiltShift Generator

I went to see William this weekend and we didn’t do a whole heck of a lot. That’s a good thing. On our way to dinner, we did stop by the Goodwill and whenever I see a record collection, I always get inspired to do a “Sleeveface”photo shoot. I thought I’d share a few of our funny reenactments 🙂 And no, that’s not Chris Rock above. heehee.

Photo by TiltShift Generator
I was feeling a little bit mellow.

Photo by TiltShift Generator
Aww…classic Jack Wagner. As a little girl (3 or 4) I totally watched the “Frisco/Felicia” saga play out on General Hospital with my mom. Me and Jack go way back.

While perusing the stacks, I loved looking at the vintage typography and campiness of the old album covers. Good stuff. I thought this Dawn Tuneweaving one was right in line with what people would think to be cool today…crossstitch portraits. Pretty rad, huh? I think so. Now I want a crossstitch portrait of my own! Etsy, here I come!

Photo by TiltShift Generator

Hope you had a great weekend! What did you do?

Until next time Swellions!



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    Hola!! Tienes un bonito blog!! Voy a seguir cotilleando, pero antes de despedirme quería invitarte a mi baúl, por si quieres compartir algún sueño con todos los amigos de Coquette. Te espero!
    Hasta pronto =)

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