Tacky Glue is my Homie!

Did you know that I am a sign twirler and that I have a dear friend named Tacky Glue! Yep, I was practicing my skillz today at my work (iLoveToCreate) in the parking lot with Mr. Tacky and we had a good ol’ time. When my boyfriend watched this video, he told me that I should have shaken Tacky (cap down) and pulled his cap across the ground to look like I was glueing. That would have been hilarious!

Yeah, my friend Tacky Glue and I go way back. He’s one funny cat! He even has his own Facebook and Twitter pages…yes siree, he has over 1500 fans on FB. One of the most popular guys I know! Just look at how funny he is. This is the business card he hands out. What a ham!

Tacky Glue's Business Card!

Amd I forgot to mention…he’s a bit of a Ladies’ Man. Oh Tacky!

Ladies man

When he’s not with me or his ladies, he’s ganging out with his peeps (while rocking an awesome mustache I might add)

Hangin' out with my peeps

So as a favor to me, go over and friend him on Facebook and Twitter and introduce yourself. I can’t promise he won’t hit on you, but I promise he’s super funny and nice! And did I mention that he likes to be used?

Until next time Swellions!


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