My Dirty Little Laundry Secret

My dirty little laundry secret

Oh, the difference 2 hours can make!

I was overwhelmed with clothing practically vomiting out of my dryer tonight (seriously, isn’t this what it looks like?). Anyway, I decided enough is enough and I got on it. There really isn’t much of an excuse for it…I just hate cleaning and folding clothes. And ironing, I don’t even go there!

The sad thing is that this is just my stuff! I don’t have kids to account for or a husband. I gotta get on top of this. It’s bad!

I actually went through these clothes and some other clothes in my closet and got 2 full garbage bagfuls to give away to Salvation Army. I feel like I’m literally drowning in clothes, most I don’t even wear or have outgrown. I have a lot of attachments to clothes for sentimental reasons too, and I decided that I needed to let go of those pieces. It’s not worth the anxiety of having so much laundry to do!

I need to really key in on pieces that I can mix and match so I don’t have to have so many clothes. I saw an article in this months Real Simple that hones in on just that. I’m going to really delve into it.

So are you horrified or do you have this same problem? I promise I won’t be upset if you scold me for being so messy and lazy. I deserve it. My mom seriously didn’t raise me this way!

And if you wonder why I find it so hard to clean up this mess, it’s because I would rather be blogging, crafting, and taking photographs. LOL.

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    Laundry sucks, unless you’re one of those cleaning weirdos, right? Ours gets like that too, tho I do have the excuse that there are 3 of us! I hate house/yard type work of any kind. And now, I’m off to murder the front and back gardens.

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    My laundry absolutely looks like this, only I don’t have a washer at home and must drag everything to my mom’s house. Last Monday I did 10 loads of laundry! 10! I’m with you, must get rid of stuff before I suffocate under a mountain of clothes.

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    Our house is overflowing with clean and dirty clothes. Especially since I lost/regained weight a few years ago, so I have complete wardrobes for 4 different sizes, and I feel like I can’t get rid of it all, because what if I lose weight again? Heck, I’m *planning* to lose again, but I just haven’t gotten around to it!

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    I hardly get any kind of housework or schoolwork done because I would rather be crafting, gardening, learning to sew, or playing outside.

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