My DIY Philosophy


Have you clicked lately on my “DIY” sidebar at left? This is the list of projects awaiting you. I update this list every now and then, so be sure to check back from time to time and see whats up!

My DIY style in general is “Make it easy to create cool things”. I’ll admit, I’m kinda lazy. I like to do projects in an hour or two. I’d say 80% of the projects below are just that!

I can’t really say that I have a particular style. Yeah, I like bold and colorful, but I also like sophisticated and pretty and artful. I do this with my graphic design. I love being able to tell a story, capture a mood, or add a personal touch to my projects. πŸ™‚ And admittedly, I’m a sucker for viral trends as seen in the Double Rainbow Shirt, Rebecca Black Cupcake Picks, and the Snooki Pumpkin.

I make an effort to make the photography “pop” so the project can shine. I think this makes a big difference in people liking your project or not. Admittedly, I have some hits and misses when I create a project. Some go over really well, while others are pretty lackluster and don’t get a peep. For me, this is just part of the process. It gives me a good idea of what people like vs. don’t like and let’s me know what to do more of or less of.

Down the road, I’d like to take on some more challenging projects and learn some new techniques (foil leafing, more painting techniques, building/stretching canvases, etc). And of course, much more home DIY when I get my own home one of these days.

Do you have a philosophy when it comes to making your own projects? Do you take on certain projects over others?

And here’s the same project listing that appears on the DIY section on the sidebar. I actually have more to add to this list. It’s when you see a visual list like this that you realize that you’ve been quite busy. Sometimes it feels that I’m not doing anything!

Jewelry and Accessories
jewelry 1
Graffiti Glam Earrings – Graffiti Rose Pin/Hairclip – J’adore Junk Earrings

accessories 3
Pencil Grip Jewelry – Swell Belt Buckle – Butterfly Pendant Necklace

jewelry 2
Ribbon and Felt Brooches – Modern Statement Ring – Clear Pendant Necklaces

Decoration and DΓ©cor
Fashion Graffiti Pillow – Fontalicious Wall Art – Telephone Book Graffiti Lamp

decor 2
Mosaic Wall on the Cheap – Journaled Photo Mat – Dotted Tissue Paper Lantern

home decor 1
Hipstamatic Photo Lightbox – Font Lighting – Just My Type Pillow

home decor 2
9 Font Wall Art Ideas – Rainbow Paper Lantern – Nested Photo Frame

Paper Crafts
Patriotic Poster Drink Charms – Neon Idea Book – “Trashy” Valentine’s

paper crafts 2
Doodled Leaves – Fontalicious Gift Bag – Cute Cupcake Bow

paper crafts 1
Personalized Wrapping Paper – Photo Strip Bow – Doodled Flowers

Until next time Swellions!


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