My Photo Lightbox


I can’t believe I never shared with you my new photography toy! My boyfriend William bought me a mini photo lightbox for Christmas and I’ve been using it for a lot of the recent photos I’ve taken! It makes it super easy to light things, something I’ve always had a problem with being consistent at!


Here I set the white balance to match the white background and this is the result. I had it manually set to 1/50 shutter speed at F/7.1.1 Looks great, huh? And pretty effortless. I love these magnet letters! A craft project is in the works!

I highly recommend a lightbox to anyone who is doing product photography! It can even be great for step by steps! You can use fabric and scrapbook papers in the background for interesting textures. You can find them all over the internet for anywhere from 50 to 100 bucks!

Until next time Swellions!



  1. Anonymous says

    Wow, the quality and the clarity of the photo is amazing! I’m trying to find examples of photos and advertisements that utilize lightboxes. Hope to see more examples!

  2. says

    Soooo jealous!! I attempted to make one of these with an old cardboard box, but I keep putting it off. I’d much rather just go buy one. hummmm?? And your pics look great!

    Erika and Sebastian

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