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Tonight I helped my friend with some graphics for her blog. Here is the results. It’s not often that I pull up Illustrator to use at home (I use it all the time during the day), but these were fun little graphics to make and it felt good to help her out. In the near future, I’ll send you a link to her blog, but it’s not quite ready to go live just yet.

And in other random photo news, yesterday before I went to get my taxes done (this is the most last-minute I’ve been to do my taxes ever), I totally plopped down in the grass to take this picture. I know I look like a freak to my fellow apartment dwellers, but oh well! I am always a little bit afraid though when I do this kind of thing that I’m going to land in a big pile of dog crap!


And how cute is my Pixie cat? She is super skiddish and I find it incredibly funny when she gets inquisitive and out of the ordinary. Here she is trying to lift up the blinds to look out. She went at it quite a while. It was so adorable.


Until next time Swellions!


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