Self-Portrait Sunday

Why so serious?

The more I take self-portraits, the more I realize:

1) That I actually wish I had a model to photograph. Taking self-portraits is kinda hard. I would enjoy photo taking more if it was of someone else. I’m really critical of most of my shots.
2) That I don’t post a lot of below the face shots. It’s just easier to hold it out and snap and not have to mess with the tripod. I still can’t grasp how to fully use it.
3) That I need to majorly pluck my eyebrows.
4) That I look a lot more moody than I normally am. Well, maybe I’m moody and I just don’t show it much. I kinda think my blog only shares like 1% of what I’m truly all about.
5) That I should take more photos in general. I need to location scout. My apartment complex is REALLy bland. No vibrant colors and I’m afraid to take photos much in the grass cause people don’t pick up after their dogs.





So do you take photos of yourself or do you shy away or avoid it all costs?

Until next time Swellions!



  1. says

    I really like your selfies. You should definitely do more! Although I second the thought about trying to vary your expressions since I have the same tendency to look moody. Contrast that with my beautiful friend whom I photographed a few weeks back. Without any prompting she went through about ten different expressions in a minute! You can see her at the end of this post:

    I feel like I’m overdoing it with the self-portraits now that I have a tripod and have mastered the art of using the vacuum cleaner as a stand in for me while I set up the shot and focus the camera. I don’t want people to think I’m incredibly vain or something but, like you, I have no one else to photograph. Let’s face it; cats are not cooperative models and I suspect people are getting a little tired of seeing yet another close-up of their furry faces. Not that I should care about such things but on the 365 photo site where I post my daily pictures it seems that portraits get the most attention and interest. I hope you keep it up and find a fantastic location for your next self-portraits.

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