My week of portraits

up close

If you recall, for the past week, I have been renting a 24-70mm lens from for my Nikon! Just wanted to share a few of the fun photo shoots I did. I photographed my friends Tar’Lese and Erika (and her dog Sebastian), my boyfriend William and my Pixie cat!

At the train station


she's got the look


evening glow



evening stroll

A man and his truck

my william

they do it better


I think I’m going to rent some more lenses from this place. I enjoyed the quality of this lens, I just want to do all my research before I make a big purchase!

Until next time Swellions!



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    These are awesome. I especially like the photos of Erika and Sebastian. This is a great idea. I like that you can try out a lens before making that commitment.

  2. says

    Beautiful portraits Alexa! I’m looking to get exactly the same lens (on the Canon side), but…you’re absolutely right – it’s a big commitment and I’ll be renting first too.

    On another note, it’s uncanny how much that last picture of Pixie looks like our cat (Simon) in our apartment! A big, black silhouetted cat on the back of our red sofa in front of the same blinds!

    shayne gray learns photography

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