Weekend in Vegas


I met my Dad out in Vegas for Derby Day. Of course, we gambled (slots, Blackjack, and Derby), ate at the buffet, saw a magic and tiger show by Rick Thomas (at the legendary Sahara that’s closing next week for good), saw street performers, and some freaks. I guess I’m not sticking to the saying by showing you my pictures (I’m not going to say it), but here’s some of the fun shots I took!! Of course, I had to take pics of neon signage…my fave!

Me and my Daddy

So Long Sahara

Performance Art

Gateway Drugged

Loose Slots

Holiday Motel




And I spent a lot of time in the airport cause of a delay. The black and white above is the Close Encounters-looking ceiling.

Until next time Swellions!



  1. says

    You capture some cool shots! Sounds like you had a fun time with your dad. I would really like to get over to the Sahara and take some shots before they close…not sure if I will make it though.

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    Love your photos and it looks/sounds like you had a great time! I keep wanting to go to Vegas but never seem to make it happen, unless you count the ten hours I was stranded in the airport there after a loooong day of travel and delays.

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