My new graphic purse

New purse!!

Wanted to share the super cool bag my friend Kathy got for me a few weeks back. It’s heart shaped with silhouettes of women all over! Kathy saw it and knew I would love it! I always love a cool bag!! Something noone else has and totally unique. I’ve been getting all kinds of compliments and questions about it! Very graphic and me!


Here’s another bag that I own that is an Andy Warhol design by Loop. I got it at Ross a year or two ago and I love it too! There are actually several Andy Warhol prints in this style including Jackie O, Elvis, and that iconic Campbell’s Soup Can and Banana! Around the handle it has an Andy Warhol quote that says…”Spending money puts me in a real party mood!”. I’m not sure that I think that’s true! I don’t know that they make them anymore, but you can probably find them on Ebay, just type in “Loop + Andy Warhol”!

Until next time Swellions!



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