Breaking out of the mold

Last week while hangin’ with my friend Heather Mann, we talked about the fact that we don’t wear jewelry all the time cause we don’t think it is “exactly” our style. I guess if you had to ask, I like small lockets, trinkets, things with very unique flair, and big hoops for earrings. Anything with a twist.

The thing is, finding exactly the perfect piece isn’t easy…I don’t even know if alot of the things I determine my style to be are even out there!

We both made a pact to start trying to mix it up and wear more jewelry even if we don’t feel it is our style. Often times, I have an outfit on, but I fail miserably at accessorizing cause I don’t have “my style” of piece to go with it. So I often end up looking much more boring than I should.

So with our pact in mind, we both purchased the necklace above. It is really sparkly, bold, shiny, and way bigger than I would ever wear. And I wore it with confidence. Just because it isn’t my perfect style, doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with it and rock it!

After all, I think I do have a pretty loud personality, might as well play it up every now and then.

Until next time Swellions!


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