The Cutest Rings I Ever Did See

I realize my title is really bad grammer, but it seems like I’ve heard that phrase before.

Anyway, aren’t these rings cute and darling? My friend Katie and I went to the Sierra Vista Mall arcade (it was a ghost town in there). Well, we played a little skeeball and twisted the prize guy’s arm to give us a prize that was more than our actual ticket count. It wasn’t really all that hard to do!

These rings are just so fun and cute and make me smile everytime I see them! I need more stuff in my life like that, don’t you?

Other than the prize counter at a random arcade, I’m not sure where you can get these. I’m assuming Oriental Trading might be a good place to start!

Until next time Swellions!



  1. says

    Those rings are just a tiny bit creepy but oh so adorable!

    I love things like that, you can’t help but smile when you look at it!!

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