Free Font Goodness: League Gothic

I love a good solid font that really has something to say, whether it be on a button, poster, or used for a cool attention-grabbing headline. League Gothic is one of those fonts.

Here’s how I put it to use! I’m not totally sure about the crop here, how would you position the text? Admittedly, text placement has always miffed me a bit. Also, it didn’t upload exactly in the right placement, but I’ve already tried to fix it 5 times and I can’t fiddle with it anymore!

I have a little thing for reds and pinks together if you can’t tell!

Read about and download League Gothic here. It’s a contribution to the Open Source Type Movement.

Until next time Swellions!



  1. says

    mmm Fonts! I love fonts!!
    I really like that font…

    I think I would have the text further up.. so it is actually over the bottom of the clock a little.. and crop the space at the bottom so the font is almost flush with the bottom..

    *2 cents worth*

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