Is technology disengaging you from your life?

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The past few days I’ve been very thoughtful about a lot of things. One of my major issues is the amount of time I spend on the computer/iPhone and the amount of satisfaction I get back from it.

Now, just so you’re aware, I spend my 9-5 in front of the computer and some of that time involves social media. This means everything from posting to Facebook and Twitter to writing blog posts and looking up inspirational ideas. I personally find this type of online work very rewarding and see instant feedback from the things I post. In my own personal time, it’s a bit different.

I find that a lot of my personal time spent online these days is rather aimless. I check in with my e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and blog multiple times a day. I have fallen into a behavior pattern and I’m sure a lot of you can relate to. I don’t know what it is, but it almost feels empty and draining. It’s like I’m searching for that next “feel good” tweet directed at me or an e-mail that will provide me with an uplifting moment in my day. I know this isn’t healthy behavior and I need to seriously evaluate my time and how much I devote to my online activities.

Sometimes I think that the amount of time I spend in my aimless meandering of FB and Twitter streams, I could actually be exercising or preparing myself healthier foods or actually be making a craft. I have felt like this for a while and realize I need to take action in some way or another. I think it would be a positive change for the better.

And by no means do I mean I would stop cold turkey, deactivate my accounts, etc. I just think I need to be more of the moment and not in a vegetative state when it comes to technology. I need to use it with purpose to engage, promote, and learn. And then also step away from it for hours at a time too so I can get back to living. Not so long ago, I was “unplugged” and I seemed ok with that…though I have to admit, I would have killed for iphone when I was younger, I remember many boring moments waiting in my dad’s truck for him to finish a conversation. Haha.

Can anyone relate to this? Do you guys feel that technology is disengaging you from your life? I’d love to hear your feedback. I know it just can’t be me!

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    Yes, I totally relate to this! Being plugged in 24/7 takes a lot of energy and yet it feels like you are missing something if you aren’t plugged. I just took a vacation and limited myself to computer time. I was able to get things done at home that I had been putting off for a while and I even read some full length books. It was nice and I felt way accomplished.

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    I know just how you feel and you articulated it perfectly. I’ve tried to make an effort to cut back on the aimless internet time but still have to stop myself when I’ve checked my email, Facebook, blogs, etc. and then find myself cycling back again to see if anything new and exciting has been emailed to me or shown up on Facebook in the five minutes since I last checked it. It’s a little scary how lost we can get in frittering away our time.

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    Today I left my phone on accident at home. It was actually refreshing not to have to deal with it. And honestly, I only got 2 messages worth reading all day.

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    I can’t even begin to say how much I relate to this. I work full time during the school year and then am off during the summer. This summer I’ve had to force myself to limit my time on the computer (none between 9AM and 4PM), otherwise I’ll spend all day playing the Sims 2 and blog-hopping.

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    Yes! 100%! My husband is quitting smoking cigars and in return I have to sacrifice something that is equally hard for me to do each day. So I vowed to exercise everyday. We are on day seven and I’ve basically flaked out every single day. I keep telling him that it’s because I can’t find time but seriously.. I spend a lot of time on the computer. Help!! Thanks for the insight – It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has trouble ‘unplugging’.

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    It’s soo hard to unplug.. even on vacation! I posted photos the whole time when MArty just posted a few after we got home. What does that say? I can’t even get through reading a book! I don’t read blogs even Marty’s, he has tell me to read his new blog post when he does it! But I’m starting to read more blogs, can ya tell chica? 🙂

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    I absolutely agree..
    I work in admin so spend 9-5 in front of a screen, usually logged into my gmail if I can get away with it..
    I get home and fire up the laptop and log into fb and somehow that is me until bedtime..

    On the few days I manage to steer away from the laptop when I get home, I do so much more around the house… I get caught up on my sewing projects, I make and craft things.. I really need to start imposing a limit on my online time!

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