27 Cool Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Ideas


In my world, September 1st kicks off Halloween season, where I eat, drink and breathe everything Halloween! Since the season is upon us, I rounded up this great collection of pumpkin crafts for you to get inspired and try making yourself. Enjoy!


1. Argyle Pumpkins from Sampler

2. Modern Pumpkin Lanterns from Making it Lovely

3. Glitter Pumpkins on Sticks from Tales from an OC Cottage

4. Black Gloss Pumpkin from Lowe’s Creative

5. Striped Pumpkins from All You

6. PacMan Pumpkin via Craziest Gadgets

7. Day of the Dead Pumpkin by Artfisch

8. Mod Pumpkin from Curbly

9. Sequin Pumpkin from the Rabens Family


10. Wild Child Pink Zebra Pumpkin from iLoveToCreate

11. Fishnet Pumpkins from the Idea Attic

12. Pretty Painted Pumpkins from Alisa Burke

13. Candy Corn Pumpkins from BHG

14. Rosette Pumpkin from Etsy

15. Glow in the Dark Pumpkin from About.com

16. M&M Pumpkin from Williamette Valley

17. Rhinestone Pumpkins from Good Housekeeping

18. Fabric Decopauge Pumpkin from Dollheads


19. Pumpkin Diorama with That Artist Woman

20. Bloody Pumpkins From the Swell Life

21. Oak Tree Pattern Pumpkin from Country Living

22. Hello Kitty Pumpkin by Azure Grove

23. Snooki Pumpkin from The Swell Life

24. Chalkboard Pumpkin from Real Simple

25. Skull inside Pumpkin from Skull a Day

26. Dripping Pumpkin from the Crafty Chica

27. Candy Corn Pumpkin from A Little Art Can’t Hurt

I had so much fun making this list!! Which one is your favorite?

Until next time Swellions!



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