Drumroll please…my new FontCraft site has arrived!

So last week, I mentioned that I had a project going on that I couldn’t talk about. Well, I’m spilling the beans on it this week, cause I’ve loaded it up with all kinds of cool content and I couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you!

The site is called FontCrafts and was inspired by my love of all things typography! Honestly, I have been wanting to find my own niche for a while and coming up brand new content all the time for this blog has been a challenge for me. I wanted to hone in on the specific topic of fonts in crafting cause it really is who I am (graphic designer by day, crafter by night). It’s only natural I be the one to take this topic on, considering I’m seeing fonts in crafting EVERYWHERE and I mean EVERYWHERE these days!

So what will you find a this new site? Lots of crafts all devoted to fonts all over the web plus some exclusive projects. There’s also lots of inspiration! Everything from videos to quote art to how-to articles and cool stuff you can buy and get inspired by. I wanted this to be a place where you can both hang out and learn at the same time. Fonts are being used in so many cool ways and I want to compile the ideas and bring them to you!

Here’s just a few of the cool posts!

5 yarn wrapped letter & word ideas

The Coolest laundry room in the world

9 DIY Wall Art ideas

How to Draw 3D letters

The Office Space of Tad Carpenter

Super Cool Measuring Tape Belt

Let me know what you think!!! I’m still will probably be making a few tweaks here are there, but for the most part, this is the style I was going for…modern and cool!! And please tell your friends (Tweet, Facebook, or e-mali them). I would be so grateful! Also, become a Fan on the FontCrafts Facebook page or follow FontCrafts on Twitter!

And a special Shoutout goes to Heather of Dollar Store Crafts and Decor Hacks who encouraged me to get rollin’ on this. She’s so great at inspiring you to be more!

Until next time Swellions!



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