Halloween store stalking: Michaels Arts and Crafts

Diamond skulls

You know me! I love everything Halloween. I wanted to share a few of the recent finds I came upon at my local Michaels. I was drooling a bit, can you tell? Here’s some eye candy for ya!

Honeycomb candles

Witch hats

Happy Halloween

See anything you like?

Until next time Swellions!



  1. says

    i love everything! if it weren’t for the fact i’d have to get it back to the UK, i’d go to micheal’s right now and buy all of it!! one thing i miss about north america is halloween! (and thanksgiving!)

  2. says

    I work at Michaels and man it is hard to resist. That bling skull I have loved since it was on the shelf. When there was only one left I had to buy it. You took pictures of other stuff I hope to get before the Halloween season. Everyday I want to buy something!

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