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inspired by candy corn

I love candy corn! Maybe it’s my thing for stripes, but the white, orange, and yellow catches my eye everytime. Yes, it’s in that order…white, orange and yellow. It always bugs me when I see it in orange, yellow, and white order. That may seem silly, but I am a candy corn purist! Haha.

I rounded up some of my favorite ideas from the web to share with you! OK, I added one in too…that’s my Candy Corn Cupcake Stand you see above.

Here’s the rest of my fave finds! I hope you love them as much as I do!!

candy corn 1

1. Trick or Treat bag from Purl Bee

2. Candy Corn Nails from Enamel Girl

3. Candy Corn Babies via Geekcrafts

candy corn 3

4. Candy Cone Parfaits from Sweets4Ever on Craftster

5. Candy Corn Pom Poms from Martha Stewart

6. Candy Corn Yarn Cones from Capture the Details

candy corn 2

7. Homeade Candy Corn Recipe from Serious Eats

8. Candy Corn Pretzels from Your Home Based Mom

9. Candy Corn Costume from Dill Spiel

And on a final note, have you ever tried candy corn and peanuts together? It really does totally taste like a PayDay candy bar! I could go for some of that about now! That and a parfait, pretzels, and cupcake. Geez, I have to get sweets off the brain.

Until next time Swellions!



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