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I have to admit something, I’m not really a costume person. The thing is, when you throw in winning some money + the competition, I bring out the big guns! I usually try to come up with ideas on a dime. I hate spending tons of money on costumes I’ll never wear again. Here’s some of my more memorable moments from the past few years. I really don’t have any shame. I will do anything and everything to win!

Me as MJ 5 years ago
This was me around 8 or so years ago. I dressed up as MJ (sorry for the poor quality photo). I wore the surgical mask, used black doll hair for the curly q look he used to have, had a sparkle glove, and made those weird shoulder pads he used to wear. I even carried a baby around and through it around in the air (this was right after the baby dangling incident, and a few months before the child molestation trials). I danced to Beat it and did a faux moonwalk. I hoped around a lot and ended up winning the big prize of $150. Woohoo! I was so excited!!!

Here’s me in my Deviled egg costume. I ended up winning second place overall for this costume. I went around poking everyone with my pitchfork and telling really bad egg and devil jokes/puns. This was very much a DIY endeavor…I made the egg with foam core and paint sprinkled with seed beads. I made the headband and pitchfork from fun foam sheets I glittered myself. The no-cost costumes are the best ones!!

me in my mona lisa canvas + tutorial on blog
One year I dressed up as the Mona Lisa. I wore a black graduation gown and the canvas around my head. It actually stayed on quite well just with my head poked through. I didn’t say anything during the competition as to stay in character. I think I won second place that year.

me as britney (2 years ago)
For this Halloween, I went as Britney Spears preggo with her second son Jayden James. I looked really tacky. I carried around ice cream and ate pickles dipped in it, hence the stains on the tank. Totally gross, but trying to get into the role. I wore really clunky/sexy shoes and a short skirt (note, in the photo, it’s unzipped…oh, geez). Pretty trashy. Again, I think I won second place…I think I see a pattern going on here!

me as a California Raisin
The next time I won 1st place was when I dressed up as a California Raisin! The costume was designed by my friend Donna, We agreed that if she made the costume and I acted the part, we would split the winnings! I danced to “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” and the “Apple Bottom Jeans” song by Nelly (it was popular at the time). I think I made everyone laugh pretty hard being silly. The strange thing is that I moved to California 3 months after this event. I wonder if my costume was a sign?

A couple years back I dressed up as Octomom. I bought all the dolls at Dollar Tree for $1 each. I used some Velcro to stick them to me.. The one on the green ribbon was supposed to be on a leash. I would hand the babies over to people and say, “Here you go, watch it, you paid for it anyway!”. LOL. It was really scary looking at myself. I didn’t win anything that year as there wasn’t really a competion, just a dress-up party.

I haven’t really dressed up since my Octomom costume. I don’t know that I want to dress up this year, but I’ve always wanted to do the Bride of Frankenstein look. I think William and I would make a great bride and groom.

What crazy outfits have you worn in years past? Did you do anything embarrassing or outlandish to win a contest?

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    These are great!!! And I love it that a homemade costume won also. Here in the UK i have actually NEVER won anything (well, with the fancy dress group yes but that was only because it was the obvious choice (not being conceded here, I was the only one who made a real effort!), all the shop bought costumes win here usually which is a real drag. I LOVE make costumes, my FB handle is Costume Queen LOL and if you read my blog you will see I have spent many days making my dress for this weekend. I love details which is usually what kills me and I suck at presentation. I usually just stand there which doesnt help. The biggest disappointment was the mombi dress when it didnt even reach 3rd place. The amount of time and effort I’d spent on it and the obstacles that were thrown in my way and still the dress was a dream. I was very crushed when I didnt win anything (not halloween related btw and not even money involved). So I may have not done anything silly, but I did go all out. On a positive note, when I entered my Sally dress in a blog competition last year, I won a $50 voucher 🙂 See, the US is where I should be, not the UK. It’s only a matter of spelling 😉

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    I totally hear ya MJ. I once dressed up as Martha Stewart in jail. I spent $75 on the costume and ended up only winning $35. I know I shouldn’t complain, but I pulled out all the stops. I made license plate cookies, a toilet paper wreath, and even made a copy of “Cell Block Living”. I hate when the store bought costumes win…I’ve even seen them win for originality….so dumb. Sometimes you just gotta get goofy with it and go outside your shell, but I know it is hard for some people to do!

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    Hi-larious! My husband and I were a rake and a hoe (respectively). We both wore simple brown outfits and had head gear. He kept hitting the doorframes with his rake “hat” and has sworn off Halloween headgear since.

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