Sometimes I get a little creepy; My spooky photo collection

8-legged Jesus Freak
My other passion besides Halloween is photography. To most, I’m not creepy (some people would argue this), but from time to time I see creepy things and try to capture the mood. I thought I’d share a spooky collection of images I’ve taken over the past few years that I think are pretty darn haunting and psychologically freaky. The one above I titled, “”8-legged Jesus Freak””.

Fog over Alcatraz
“Fog over Alcatraz”

facing my  imminent doom
“Facing my imminent doom”

“The Carnival has come to Town” (photographed by my friend Gloria)

tears of a clown 2
“Tears of a Clown”


double exposure
“Double Exposure”


proceed with caution
“Proceed with Caution”

So what do you think? Any one jump out at you more than others as creepy?

Until next time Swellions!



  1. says

    Love these! Nothing wrong with being a little creepy so long as you don’t alienate all of your friends. The spookiest to me are “The Carnival” and “Curl.” But then I do love the Alcatraz one and the Jesus spider is perfect placement.

  2. says

    The close up with the eyelash curler is totally creepy! Straightjacket for your eye… eeep!!

    Love all the photos tho! Jesus spider is pretty freakin awesome!

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