Vintage Halloween photos make me happy

Photo by Shane Woodall via Flickr

Everytime I see a little kid wearing a plastic costumee or an uncomfortable plastic mask, I get a little giddy. I guess part of it is because it was a much simpler time where people didn’t spend boatloads of money. A plastic costume from the local department store was like gold and would make you feel super special!

I think why I love this time is the imperfection. I love that the photos were blurry, off center and posed. We are so about getting the “perfect” photo these days with our digital camera. I love that these are awkward. You know Mom or Dad only took a couple of photos that night and didn’t process the photos till after Christmas!

Here’s some super cutes ones I found that I think you’ll like too!

Darth Vader and friends
Photo by GrimAlkin via Flickr

Hamburglar Part I
Photo by The Small Cat Club via Flickr

Photo by Dig Doug via Flickr

Halloween 1982
Photo by Star Berry Shyne via Flickr

Were you a kid of 70’s or 80’s and totally can relate to these photos? I was! I can’t remember too many of my costumes of yesteryear, but I do remember being a ballerina wearing a green sequined tutu in first grade. In 5th grade, I remember being a mouse and wearing a grey sweatsuit with a plastic mouse snout. What were you for Halloween when you were a kid?

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    Oh i remember! I also remember we didn’t have the fear then that we do now. We actually went door to door trick or treating. Not fall festivals put on by churches or trick or treating at the mall like it is now. I even took my daughter trick or treating in our neigborhood when she was little and that was what? 20 years ago. Its sad to see that tradition go away. Thanks for the pics and memories! Hugs! deb

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