How to De-seed a Pomegranate

I’ve just recently gotten into eating pomegranates. It’s a little bit by default; my boyfriend grows pomegranates and it is his very favorite fruit! During Thanksgiving of last year, I asked William if I could take some tutorial photos of him showing how to super-fast de-seed a pomegranate. After reading this tutorial, there’s no excuse for you to say that it’s hard to get the seeds (arils) out of a pomegranate, so you’d rather not waste the time.

The photos of William below show him not wearing gloves. I recommend that you wear rubber gloves if you want to prevent staining of any kind on your hands.

Cut around the pomegranate’s equator with a knife. Only cut abou 1/4″ deep. Put knife down and twist pomegranate to pry it open. If you can’t open it immediately, carefully use knife to cut deeper around the equator.

When you open up your pomegranate, it should look like this (this is the pretty and less messy way to open it)! If you slice right through the middle with the knife, you’ll get all the blood red juices flowing and likely a mess on your hands!

Fill your sink or a big pan up with with water. You can also place a collander in the sink if you’d like to make an easier retrieve the arils. Now cup the pomegranate in your hand. Note: don’t put the seeds (arils) face down in your hand. Leave a slight cupped gap for the to fall out and through your fingers while you slap the back of it forcefully and continuously with a wooden spoon.

The pomegranate arils will drop to the bottom of the water, while the white interior of the pomegranate (also known as pith) with float to the top.

As you can see, the spoon method works quite well. Almost all the arils fell out! Fish out the arils, throw away the pith, and enjoy your tasty pomegranate seeds!

Naturally, they taste best when you share them with others! They also probably taste better knowing they are a Superfruit!

Sofie (William’s niece) loves this time of year, cause she loves getting to eat pomegranates! They are generally in season from October to early January!

Do you think you’ll give one a try?

Until next time Swellions!



  1. Heather W says

    Great job putting this together, it really shows how much easier it is to use. Also thanks for including miss Sofie great photos as usual. I am adding this to my FB page:)

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