Oh Crap! Now what do I do?

My dining room table is filled with Halloween “leftovers”.

Around this time of year, I get a case of the blogger blues. Yep, that’s right, I get depressed about blogging and keeping “The Swell Life” I have together. The reason? As you see above, I obviously LOVE Halloween. October and the witching season is the time of year where I have my most creative mojo. The fall/Halloween season appeals to me cause it is whimsical, playful, loud, colorful, and creepy. I love all those things mixed together. I don’t really get that fulfillment out of any other time of the year.

I also get kinda sad, cause I work really hard at keeping my blog fresh, updated and brimming with fun ideas. This brings me a lot of new fans, followers, and pretty big numbers to my blog. It is very rewarding. My content throughout the rest of the year, while creative, doesn’t get me the same reaction or attention. Side note: I’m the youngest of 5 kids, so I have always been one to crave attention. LOL. Not in an unhealthy way or anything, I just am easily excitable and more motivated by it.

So, that leaves me in a weird spot. I’ve thought about a few things I could do. I would love your feedback and supportive ideas. I really would like to keep my passion alive and not have it fizzle out, just because my favorite season has passed by!

1) Create a new site devoted to year round Halloween ideas. It would be something in a same/similar format as my FontCrafts site (please check it out if you haven’t done so already – I’d love your feedback!) I would post a lot of my existing Halloween projects on there and add new ones from time to time too! At Halloween, though, it would be my main spot for Halloween action.

2) Keep my Swelldesigner blog for occasional sharing of photos/DIYs when the mood strikes, but mainly focus on my sister site FontCrafts. Revive this blog mostly around Halloween season.

I really feel like Halloween and FontCrafts are my two major interests and strong niches in the crafty realm at the moment and I’d like to nurture them more. I’m just not sure what step to take next and I’d love your insight!

And full disclosure: I’m totally writing this post tonight cause I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to post about. I feel it’s too soon to focus on Christmas Crafts and I’m not as excited about Thanksgiving all that much, even though I do think it’s a beautiful holiday!

Until next time Swellions!



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    i get the same way and the best thing is to be genuine and post when you want about what you want. as soon as you try to shoehorn it into a formula, it won’t work, it will lose it’s magic. i love your blog, it is an extension of your personality so anything you post will be fun and interesting! ANYTHING! just have fun with it! xoxoxox!!

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    i think you have such wonderful ideas that you could have a year round Holiday Blog even though the other holidays don’t inspire you as much as Halloween.

    I for one like to see holiday ideas waaay before the actual holiday as it gives me time that i might actually accomplish something….lol. I’m sure anything you chose will be fine. I would just hate to see this blog go virtually dormant until next Halloween as fonts are just not my thing……..hugs! deb

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    My kitchen table looks the same way right now! I got my cemetery taken down on November 1, but I’m taking my time on the inside.

    Oh gosh, tough decisions! I think I like option 2. Unless you really have enough material for option 1 – then go for that!

    I’m sure that helped not at all – LOL!

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    As far as the ghosts and ghouls go, I’d pack them away in a plastic tote until next year. All your pumpkins and leaves, etc. can stay as long as you like cuz they are fall.
    That being said, I read on a blog the other day that you should surround yourself with colors that make you “happy”. If orange/blacks/browns/purples make you happy, work them in or change your decor. Make YOU happy and your family will follow suit.
    Not too sure what to say about the whole blog thing. I just started reading you via Reader. I’ll read what you post….whatever you post. If it’s Halloween, I’ll be happy to gather ideas for next year. MAKE YOU HAPPY!

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    I say keep your blog. Post whatever comes to mind, if nothing comes to mind, the post Halloween/fall all year round – whatever it is. I love Halloween and would love it all year round too. But don’t limit it to just that – it can be major that but occasional fall and Christmas and whatever the mood or festive idea pops up. Those can be extras – Halloween rocks.

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