Swell Smells for the holidays

Do you want your home to smell AMAZING this holiday season? Forget candles or incense, this is the best way to make the smell go all over your entire house in minutes. And it takes less than 5 minutes!

You simply start by cutting up an orange into slices. Next, drop them into a pan filled with water.

Add a handful of mulling spices, cinnamon sticks, and a dash of holiday spices like ginger and cloves.

Bring the oranges and spices to a boil, then let simmer on low on your stovetop. Remember to check in after a while. You don’t want for all your water to boil away and have burnt oranges. That would not be a swell smell!

I absolutely love the way this makes the house smell and it’s great to put on right before visitors arrive. It’s a great way to make your house smell like a home!

Until next time Swellions!



  1. says

    One of the best smells ever…I like to replace the water with apple cider, and then you can drink it afterward. Spiced cider always reminds me of holidays as a kid, since my mom always made a batch for their annual holiday party.

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