There’s no method to this madness

I’ve been busy tonight working on my blog revamp. It usually takes me a little while to find a look I like and that I feel is authentically “me”. It’s hard to find your own voice when there are so many blogs out there with cool looks that stand out. I just stayed with a fun and bright color palette and some funky fonts. I couldn’t go wrong!

So, in the process of my revamp, this is what my homepage looks like on my computer.  It’s about as bad as showing you my dirty craft room! Yikes. So unorganized and messy. As you can see on the right,  almost a 3rd of it is the redesign of my blog.  I am guilty of dragging and saving a lot of crap to my desktop without putting it in a folder.  I think if you want a little slice of how my mind works, you can see it right here on my screen.

My work computer is admittedly much cleaner, but it does need some remodeling from time to time.  I’m better there because there is more of a process to follow.  At home; however, I am seriously lacking.  If I ever were to have a business venture on the side, I need to call the organization doctor STAT and get this under control!!

Also, you’d think I’d have a funky backdrop, but I don’t really mess with that. I find that the backgrounds they provide with the computer are easy to navigate and find stuff. Blues and purples are pretty easy on the eyes too.  I keep it simple.

Do you ever do this on your desktop?  Or is this more a Mac thing? 
Until next time Swellions!



  1. says

    I use a program called Stardock Fences, which allows me to have a lot of icons but in specific rows, which I can customize. I don’t know if it is available for Macs, but I imagine there is something similar.

    I like how the blog is changing! I found you a little before Halloween and I think it still fits your aesthetic, for sure.

    Good luck! 🙂

    – Lindsay

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